Can you reset my Internet usage?

The short answer is, “No.” See Why is my Internet usage more than I expected? for ideas of things to check, update, turn off or uninstall.

If the Internet usage limit has been reached, devices can still access on-campus resources, such as the portal, Blackboard, WordPress and so on. If an Internet resource is needed, one of the many computer labs on campus can be used, until Internet usage has been returned (often, within a day).

Student Senate has established a maximum amount of data transfer over a 7-day period to ensure a fair and satisfying experience for all students. It is the responsibility of the individual student to manage their devices and use of Internet access.

A request to reset usage implies a misconception of “extra” Internet access laying around. Internet access is a finite resource shared by thousands of student-registered devices. Asking for more Internet access means taking Internet access away from other people.

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