How do I access my cloud folder from iOS?

Some apps on the iPad, iPhone or iPod already have the ability to access your cloud folder, using WebDAV. Use the following steps with Keynote, Pages or Numbers.

  1. Start the app
  2. Touch “+” in the upper left
  3. Click “Copy from WebDAV”
  4. For Server Address, enter
  5. Enter your username/password
  6. Click “Sign In”
  7. Click “Continue” to accept the security certificate
  8. Click the document to start the transfer

Any app that has the ability to access files through WebDAV (e.g., GoodReader) should be able to access your cloud folder. There are specialized file management and folder synchronization apps that will help you transfer files to and from your cloud folder. In addition to WebDAV, the protocols FTPS and SFTP may also be used to connect to your cloud folder.

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