How do I configure Windows 7 Intel PROSet to use CUNESecure?

Intel PROSet is the wireless networking software included with certain Intel wireless network adapters. The following steps describe how to configure Intel PROSet wireless networking software on Windows 7 to connect to the CUNESecure wireless network.

 1. If you have connected to CUNESecure before, remove the profile before continuing, as described in How do I remove a Windows 7 Intel PROSet profile? If the profile exists and contains incorrect information, clicking “Connect” in the next step will fail (i.e., “Cannot connect to CUNESecure”).
W7IPConnect2. Open the Intel PROSet software. It will scan for nearby wireless networks. Click CUNESecure to select it and then click “Connect”.
W7IPGeneral3. The name of the wireless network (CUNESecure) will be displayed. Click “Next>>”.
W7IPPortion 4. The software will spend a moment or two collecting information from the wireless network. It will display a message that it could not configure all of the information. That is fine. We will complete the configuration in the following steps. Click “Next>>”.
W7IPUser 5. Enter the security information as indicated in the picture. The username, password and confirm password for the secure wireless network are all “concordia” (all lowercase).

User Name:        concordia
Password:         concordia
Confirm Password: concordia

The roaming profile should be your username (e.g., Jane.Smith). Click “Next>>”.

W7IPServer 6. Enter the server security information in the picture. Click “Next>>”.
W7IPConfigured 7. You will see a confirmation of the configuration. Click “OK”.
W7IPConnected 8. After a moment or two, the window will show that you are connected to CUNESecure. Click “Close”.

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