How do I read Internet usage information?

IUTableCombined Internet usage information for all of your registered devices is displayed in a table with one row for each day of the week. The columns show the number of bytes received from the Internet and the number of bytes sent to the Internet each day. The total bytes received and sent over the last 7 days is at the bottom. The “All Traffic” row shows the total amount of Internet traffic for all registered student devices for the last 7 days. A summary shows the number of closed connections (students who have reached the limit).

The information in the table “wraps around”. For example, if it were noon on Wednesday when you looked at the table, Tuesday would display the amount of Internet traffic for the previous day, and Thursday would display the amount of Internet traffic nearly a week ago. Wednesday would include Internet traffic from this morning plus the afternoon and evening Internet traffic from a week ago. As time moves forward on Wednesday, last week’s Internet usage would be removed from the total, and today’s usage would be added to the total.

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