How do I register a personal device for Internet access?

A faculty or staff personal device may be registered for Internet access up to a year at a time (registrations typically expire August 1). Personal devices are generally limited to portable computing devices used to access web pages and email.

To register a device, send the following information from your email account to

  1. Type of device (e.g., Windows laptop, iPad, Android phone)
  2. Type of network connection (wired or wireless)
  3. MAC address of the network adapter

See the related questions What is a MAC address? and How do I find the MAC address of my device? If a registration expires and the device will continue to be used, send the information above to Helpdesk, and the device will be registered for another year.

Due to security policies, personal devices only have Internet access. They may not directly access institutional network resources, such as shared folders and printers. However, access on and off campus is possible to your files through your CUCloud folder and to printers through Webprint.

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