Microsoft Office 365 for Current Faculty and Staff

CUNE faculty and staff now have the opportunity to install Microsoft Office on their personal devices for free.  To be eligible for this Microsoft program, you must be a current employee here at CUNE with a valid email address.

The license agreement is between you (as faculty or staff) and Microsoft to use Office 365 on your personal devices.  Concordia University, Nebraska and Computing Services does not provide installation services or technical support for personally owned devices and software.

Do NOT install Office 365 on your Concordia issued desktop or laptop.

If you have questions about eligibility and signing up, send an email to


Enter your CUNE email address in the form

Click on the green “Get started” option

Click on the “I’m a Teacher” optionChooseRole

A confirmation email will be sent to your email.emailconfirmation4

Click on the “Yes that’s me” link.

Fill out your name and create a password.  getoffice-signup-password

You must use a different password than you use for your CUNE account.

As always, you should read the “terms and conditions”  

Click here  to read it.

Click Start.

You will be automatically logged into your site.

Click on “Install now” to install Office applications on your computer.

Do NOT install Office 365 on your Concordia issued desktop or laptop.

Do NOT store institutional data on your OneDrive account.

You can also run Office applications through a web browser.

In the future go to to login.OfficePortal-ck

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