What can I do with a cloud folder?

Before working with a cloud folder, confirm that a folder has been created for you. Typically, there will be a folder named “cucloud” in the home drive on your office computer. Files and folders that you copy to the cloud folder will be available to other devices on the Internet (smartphone, tablet, home computer, etc.) through cucloud.cune.edu. In addition, you are able to send a link to others to share a file, and others can send a file to you. This is the best method for files that are too large for email or that you want to share with multiple people.

If you follow the directions to create a connection to the cloud folder on a home computer, for example, please be aware that, while it looks and mostly acts like a “regular” folder, it is not a regular folder. It is a virtual folder that allows you to look into the real folder stored on a remote server. You can basically do anything that can be done with a web browser when visiting cucloud.cune.edu.

  1. Copy a file/folder from the local computer to the cloud folder
  2. Copy a file/folder from the cloud folder to the local computer
  3. Create a folder
  4. Rename a file/folder
  5. Delete a file/folder
  6. Move a file/folder to another folder
  7. Double click a file to open it (but see below)

One important difference is that a file cannot be edited while it is in the cloud folder, because the file is on a remote server. To edit a file, copy the file to the local computer, edit the file and copy the edited file to the cloud folder.

If a file in the cloud folder is double clicked to open it, a temporary copy of the file is automatically created on the local computer. If no changes are made, nothing more needs to be done. If the temporary document is edited, the file must be saved on the local computer and then copied to the cloud folder to update the original file.

If a file/folder in the cloud folder is deleted or overwritten with a newer version, the original is gone. It cannot be retrieved from the trashcan/recycle bin. No automatic “versions” or copies are made.

Information placed in the cloud folder is subject to the relevant institutional policies and laws regarding the handling of institutional data and privacy of information. Consequently, some information is prohibited from being placed in the cloud folder. Please review the applicable policies and laws to confirm that your use of the cloud folder is in compliance.

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