What if I forgot or don’t have a password?

In accordance with university policy and federal requirements, we are unable to provide a password through email or over the phone. No one can tell you your password, because passwords are stored encrypted. Do not send your password in email.

Choose one of the 3 options below to reset your password. See also What if I am locked out of my account?

1. On Campus – If you are on the Seward, Nebraska campus, stop by Computing Services in Science 213 with your Concordia University photo ID, and we will be happy to reset your password.

2. Secure Access Code – Log into account management with your secure access code. It is the 12-character code you were given when you applied online or that you see when logging into account management.

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3. Verification Code – Request a verification code online and login in seconds. If a verification code is not possible,  you may request a secure access code through regular mail.

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