Can I set up a game or other service on the network?

Hosting a game or setting up some other service (e.g., a personal web server) on the Concordia University network will generally not work. Your device can access the Internet, but other devices, on or off campus, cannot contact you. This network security policy works like a personal firewall to protect your device from malicious behavior by other devices.

If you and your teammates/opponents connect to the same Internet game service, you should be able to participate in the same game. If the service orders your game console to communicate directly with another game console on Concordia’s network, that will not work, as described above. The devices on the Concordia University network must communicate through the Internet game service to participate in the same multiplayer game.

Some game software accesses the network in non-standard ways or assumes a simple home-style connection to the Internet. Such game software might be unreliable or not work at all on an enterprise network like Concordia’s. While troubleshooting, you may encounter directions to “open ports” or “assign an IP address”, which are helpful suggestions for a home network. We are unable to accommodate these requests on the Concordia University network.

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