How do I add a printer to Windows 7?

Faculty and staff may add a network printer to their Windows desktop or laptop computer that is connected to the Concordia University network. Since printers are an individual choice, each user must add the printers that they want to use.

1. Go to Start->Devices and Printers.

At the top of the window, click “Add a printer”.

2. Click “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”.

3. Click “The printer that I want isn’t listed.”

4. Choose “Select a shared printer by¬† name” and in the box enter the print server name exactly as shown.


The list of available printers will be displayed. Scroll down the list and click the desired printer to choose it.

Click “Next”.

5. It will take a moment to install the printer driver.
6. Successful installation is confirmed. Click “Next”.

7. If this should be your default printer, check the box. Otherwise, uncheck the box.

Click “Next”.

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