How do I connect to the CUNESecure wireless network?

Any registered student or faculty device can connect to the CUNESecure network:

  1. Connect to CUNESecure
  2. Enter the username and password* for the network:

    Username: concordia
    Password: concordia

  3. Accept the security certificate and you are done

The CUNESecure wireless network provides enterprise-level encrypted communication of all traffic between your device and the wireless access point. Institutional devices are required to connect to CUNESecure. They will not work on the CUNE network. In rare cases, some devices are unable to connect with enterprise-level security, but if possible, all users are encouraged to use CUNESecure.

If your device requires manual configuration of individual settings for a secure network, see How do I manually configure a CUNESecure wireless connection? or the related questions.

* A username and password are required to use enterprise-level encryption. We want everyone to have access to encrypted communication. With enterprise-level encryption, knowing the username and password doesn’t affect the security of the connection, and it doesn’t give access to anything other than a secure, encrypted connection.

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