How do I create a shortcut to a shared folder?

You can create a shortcut on a Windows computer to a shared folder on a server for easy access. See the related question How do I map a network drive? for an alternate method. One difference between a shortcut and a mapped drive is that the mapped drive is always displayed under Computer. A shortcut is more flexible in that it can be placed on the desktop or just about anywhere you can place a file or folder.

For this example, assume that you want to access the Banner 8 documents folder on the server named “zeta”. The full path to the shared folder is

\\zeta\Office Docs\Banner 8 Docs

MapShortcut11. Right click the desktop (or other desired location), hover the mouse over New and click Shortcut.
MapShortcut22. Enter “\\zeta” in the box and click the Browse… button.
MapShortcut63. Click the triangle to the left of zeta to expand it. Scroll down to the Office Docs folder.
MapShortcut74. Expand the Office Docs folder. Click the Banner 8 Docs folder to select it. Click OK.
MapShortcut35. The full path to the folder will appear in the box inside of double quotes. Click Next.
MapShortcut46. Enter a different name for the shortcut, if desired. Click Finish.
MapShortcut57. The shortcut will appear on the desktop or the location where you started. Double click the shortcut to open the folder.

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