How do I install VLC media player?

1. Download the VLC media player installer here. Once downloaded, run the installer by double clicking on it.

2.  Select ‘Run’. vlc_run

3.  When prompted for an admin username and password type in your localadmin credentials:

    Username: .\localadmin

    Password: (set when you received your computer)

Once entered click ‘Yes’.


If you are unaware of your localadmin password, send an email to and we will help you get it set.


4. Next you will be prompted for your network credentials, this is your standard CUNE login username and password.

Once entered click ‘OK’.

5. Select a language and click ‘OK’. vlc_language
6. Select ‘Next’.  vlc_setup_1
7. Read through the license agreement and if you agree select ‘Next’.  vlc_setup_2
8. Leave all the boxes checked and select ‘Next’.  vlc_setup_3
9. Select ‘Install’.  vlc_setup_4
10. Make sure ‘Run VLC media player’ is checked and select ‘Finish’.  vlc_setup_5
11. When VLC media player launches the fist time you will see this window, just click ‘Continue’.  vlc_first_run
12. You are done! Now you can use an external DVD player to play DVD’s in class. vlc_media_player

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