How do I login to my account?

When logging into a CUNE service, enter your CUNE username or email address (whichever is requested) and your CUNE password. Please note the following items.

  • You have one (yes, only one) password for all CUNE services (portal, email, Blackboard, WordPress, eAccounts, etc.). All CUNE services are linked to your user information, which is stored in a central location. If you change your password, you must use your new password everywhere to login.
  • Carefully distinguish between username and email address. Almost all CUNE services ask for your username. A couple of services, such as email and eAccounts, ask you to enter¬† your email address. Check that you are entering the information that is requested.
  • All usernames consist of the official first name and last name, separated by a period. A digit is added if there are duplicates (e.g., Jane.Smith2). Special characters, such as space or apostrophe, are removed. Below are examples of a username and an email address.
  Student/Alumnus Faculty/Staff
Username: First.Last First.Last
Email Address:

If you are attempting to connect to the CUNESecure wireless network, the login information is a little different. Further details are available in the question “How do I connect to the CUNESecure wireless network?”

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