How do I manually add a student to my course?

A faculty or staff member may manually add a student to a course, if that student already exists in Blackboard. A new student will be added to Blackboard after the student has registered for a class and the information is synchronized between Banner and Blackboard, typically within 24 hours.

BbStu11. Click Control Panel to expand it

BbStu22. List the current students in the course

  1. Click Users and Groups to expand it
  2. Click Users to display current students
BbStu33. Click Find Users to Enroll
BbStu44. Click Browse…

BbStu55. Search for and select the student

  1. Enter a portion of the student’s first or last name
  2. Click Go
  3. Click the checkbox for the desired student
  4. Click Submit
BbStu66. Click Submit

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