How do I manually configure a CUNESecure wireless connection?

See the related question How do I connect to the CUNESecure wireless network? for general information. Many modern portable devices streamline the process, as described in the link. If your device requires manual configuration for a secure network, refer to the information below. An Internet search for your kind of device may provide a detailed example that you can follow. Below are example search phrases.

windows 7 configure secure wireless connection
android configure secure wireless connection

The terms below vary slightly from one device to another. For example, your device might have an option labeled MSCHAPV2, and another lists it as EAP-MSCHAP-V2. However, it will be close enough for you to recognize. Your device might not use all of the information below.

Description Value
Authentication procedure: 802.1x authentication
Wireless network name (SSID): CUNESecure
Network authentication: WPA2 Enterprise (not WEP, WPA, WPA2 Personal or WPA2-PSK)
Data encryption: AES
 Authentication type: PEAP (Protected EAP)
 Authentication protocol: MS-CHAP-V2
 Validate server certificate: May select “yes”
 Certificate issuer: Choose “Any valid certificate”, if available.
 Server or certificate name: If multiple servers are allowed, enter both names.
Otherwise, enter “” (without quotes) and choose the option to match the domain.
 Login/username: concordia
 Password: concordia (all lowercase)
 Domain: Leave blank
 Roaming identitfy: Your username (e.g., Jane.Smith)

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