How do I register a visitor device for Internet access?

If a faculty or staff member invites a presenter or vendor to campus, it is the Concordia host’s responsibility to arrange the resources required for the visit, including Internet access. The Concordia host should send the following information from your account to the Concordia University Events Manager at If the request is sent ahead of time, Internet access will be available when the presenter arrives.

  1. Description of the activity
  2. Name of the presenter/vendor
  3. Type of device (e.g., Windows laptop, iPad, smartphone)
  4. Type of connection (wired or wireless)
  5. MAC address
  6. Date when access should be begin
  7. Length of access (1 to 7 days)

See the related questions What is a MAC address? and How do I find the MAC address of my device? The type of device that may be registered is generally limited to a portable computing device that can access email and web pages.

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