How do I remove a student from my course?

If the student has already completed material in the course, it is suggested that the student be hidden in the gradebook rather than removing the student from the course.

When a student registers for a course in Banner, they are automatically added to the course in Blackboard. If the student changes their schedule, they are not automatically removed from the course in Blackboard. That is because an instructor can manually add a student to a course for a variety of reasons (observer, tutor, etc.), and it cannot be automatically determined that a student should be removed. If a student does not appear on the class roster after census date, the instructor can remove the student from the course in Blackboard. That will also remove the course from the list of registered courses that the student sees in Blackboard.

Note that if a student is registered for a course in Banner, removing them from the course in Blackboard does not “unregister” the student in Banner. The next time Blackboard is synchronized with Banner, the student will be added to the course in Blackboard, again.

BbStu11. Click Control Panel to expand it.  

BbStu22. List the current students in the course

A. Click Users and Groups to expand it.
B. Click Users to display current students

BbStu73. Check the box to the left of the desired student’s name and click “Remove Users from Course”.  


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