How do I synchronize my phone or tablet with email?

A current faculty or staff member may configure their smartphone, tablet or similar device to synchronize email, contacts and calendar with Microsoft Exchange. Unfortunately, every device is a little different, but they all use the same information. Go to the email configuration section of the device and look for an option labelled “Exchange”, “Enterprise” or “Corporate” (not “IMAP”, “POP”, “Gmail” or “Yahoo”). In the example below, assume that your name is Jane Smith. Five familiar pieces of information will be used during the configuration.

Domain: CUNE
Username: Jane.Smith
Password: Your normal CUNE password
Email Address:

If  you are asked to accept an SSL certificate or a security certificate, choose “Yes”. If there is no Domain box, enter the domain and username together, separated by a backslash. For example,

Username: cune\jane.smith

In some cases, configuration is a two-step process. A simple interface is initially presented with only a couple of items. After completing the section, the phone attempts to contact the email server. The contact will fail, and you will be given the option to manually configure the rest of the information.

An Internet search for configuring email on your kind of device will likely find step-by-step directions and pictures. Example search phrases might be

iphone configure exchange email
android configure exchange email

You could also print this page and take it to your cellphone service provider for assistance. Do not share your password with anyone. When it is time to enter your password, insist that you enter your password yourself.

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