May I access the Internet from Concordia University?

Concordia University is a private institution and does not provide open public access to the Internet from personal devices. Computers are available in the Link Library Learning Commons for accessing library and Internet resources. If you have a business or professional relationship with the university, we will register your device for Internet access for your campus visit. This includes a prospective student and family, a coach or SID of a visiting sports team, a guest presenter for a class or a vendor providing service for the university. Devices are generally limited to portable computing devices used to access web pages and email (e.g., laptop, tablet, smartphone).

In compliance with CALEA and to register the device, we may ask for the following information.

  1. Description of the activity or relationship to Concordia University
  2. Your name
  3. Type of device (e.g., Windows laptop, iPad, smartphone)
  4. Type of connection (wired or wireless)
  5. MAC address
  6. Length of access (1 to 3 days)

See the related questions What is a MAC address? and How do I find the MAC address of my device? The following sections provide details for specific groups.

Prospective Student and Family

We are happy to register your device for the duration of your visit. Please ask for assistance in the Admissions Office. If you are unfamiliar with finding the Wi-Fi address of your device, simply connect to the Concordia University wireless network and visit (see picture below). The MAC address (Wi-Fi address) listed in the middle of the page will be used to register your device.


Your currently-enrolled son or daughter may register your device for Internet access. The device will be associated with their account for the duration of the school year. The device will not need to be registered, again, if you return during the same school year.

Visiting Sports Team

Contact the Athletics Department for registration assistance. If this involves a few individuals, your devices will be registered separately. If you send the information ahead of time, Internet access will be ready when you arrive. If this is a large event, arrangements can be made for an event code that participants use to register for Internet access. See the description below for conferences.

Presenter, Vendor or Conference Participant

AccessIf you are on campus individually, provide the requested information above to  your Concordia University contact (i.e., the faculty or staff member who invited you). They will send the information to the Concordia University Events Manager for registration. If you send the information ahead of time, Internet access will be ready when you arrive.

If you are attending a conference or other large event, there will likely be an event code printed in the conference materials that participants can use to register for Internet access. Connect your computer to the Concordia University network, open a web browser and visit Enter the requested information in the lower portion of the web page to register for Internet access (see picture).

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