Print Driver Update for Windows 10

As a part of the installation of the new Toshiba copiers on campus we needed to update the printer driver on the server. Usually this doesn’t cause problems as your computer will automatically download the new driver. Unfortunately, there are times when the driver won’t update properly, if that happens your printers may stop working or you may not be able to access the printer properties or preferences. If you are experiencing these issues please follow the steps below to get printing again.

Remove all MFD’s added to your device

1. Go to Start -> Settings

2. Select ‘Devices’

3. Click on ‘Printers & Scanners’ on the left

Important! Take note of which printers you are removing as you will need to add them back later.

4. Select any printer with ‘mfd’ or ‘findme’ in the name and click ‘Remove Device’

Remove old print driver

5. On the same Printers & Scanners page find and click on ‘Print Server Properties’

6. In the popup window click the ‘Drivers’ tab, select all drivers with ‘TOSHIBA’ in the title and click ‘Remove…’

7. When prompted select ‘Remove driver only’ and click ‘OK’
8. Click ‘Yes’ on the next warning popup
9. If you see an error stating ‘The specified printer driver is currently in use.’ Click ‘OK’ then go back to step 4 and make sure all ‘MFD’ and ‘findme’ printers have been removed
10. Close the ‘Print Server Properties’ window  
Add your printers back
11. Follow the guide on the helpdesk printing FAQ on ‘How do I add a printer to Windows 10?’ to add your printers back
12. After adding your printers back follow the guide on the helpdesk printing FAQ on ‘Why won’t Paper Cut pop up (Win 10)?
13. Print a page and verify that things are working again


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