What devices can I connect to the network?

Any modern device with a wired or wireless Ethernet network adapter should be able to connect to the Concordia University network (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, game console, etc.). Each device must be registered before it can access the Internet (see How do I register my device for Internet access?).

Personal wireless access points are not allowed (see May I use a personal wireless access point?). Other devices, such as printers, may not function reliably or at all when connected to the network, because of network security features. A printer should be connected directly to the computer, if possible (e.g., with a USB cable). If a device on the Concordia University network must be contacted directly by another device, that will generally not work (see Can I set up a game or other service on the network?).

One network jack is provided per person in a dorm room. If you have more than one device that uses a wired connection, it might be convenient to purchase a small, reliable network switch and additional cables to connect everything to the network at the same time. Look for a 4-port or 8-port Ethernet switch with speeds of 10/100 or 10/100/1000 (the higher speed is not necessary).

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