What do I do if the Printer Properties won’t open for a Toshiba MFD?

For some users Printer Properties does not open for the Toshiba MFDs.  Do the following to resolve the problem.

1. Remove all Toshiba MFDs and the FindMe Printers from the Devices and Printers Control Panel.  For help see the question How do I delete a printer from my desktop or laptop?

2. Delete the eSTUDIOX folder located in the TOSHIBA folder of your profile.

2.1 Go to Start -> Computer OpenComputer


2.2 Double Click on “Local Disk (C:)”


 2.3 Double Click on the “Users” folder.Users


2.4 Double Click on the folder containing your username. In this case “kevin”UserKevin


 2.5 Double Click on the “TOSHIBA” folder.ToshibaFolder


2.6 Right Click on the “eSTUDIOX” folder.  Select “Delete”.DeleteESTUDIOX


2.7 Click “Yes” to delete the eSTUDIOX folder.ConfirmDeleteESTUDIOX



3. Add the required Toshiba MFDs and the two FindMe Printers back to your desktop or laptop.  For help see the question How do I add a printer to Windows 7?

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