Why can’t I log into Blackboard?

These are the  top reasons why a student is unable to log into Blackboard.

1. You are not registered for a course.
If you are a new student, your information has not been added to Blackboard, yet. After  you register for a course, your information and courses will be synchronized with Blackboard, and you will be able to login. Contact your adviser or program director to confirm that you are registered for a course.

2. You registered for a course yesterday or today.
It can take up to 24 hours for course information to be synchronized with Blackboard. Contact your adviser or program director to determine when you were registered for courses.

3. You are using the wrong Blackboard.
Concordia University utilizes multiple learning management systems (LMS) for its courses. For example, an online course might use a different Blackboard instance than a traditional course. It is important to select the correct LMS, which should be listed on the connectCUNE portal under the “Quick Links” section.

4. You are entering your email address instead of your username.
See the related question What information do I use to login?

5. You are entering an incorrect password.
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