Why don’t I see my course in Blackboard?

If you do not see an expected course after logging into Blackboard, it might be related to one of the following items.

1. You are not registered for the course
If someone is registering you for a course on your behalf, it is possible that the registration has not been completed, yet. Contact your adviser or program director to confirm that you have been registered for the course.

2. You registered for the course late yesterday or today
After registering for a course, it might take up to 24 hours for the information to be synchronized with Banner. Contact your adviser or program director to confirm that you are registered for the course and when the registration occurred.

3. The course is not available to students, yet
A course in Blackboard may be unavailable while it is being designed by the instructor. After the course has been constructed, the instructor makes the course available, and it will appear in the student’s course list at the next login. Contact the instructor to learn when the course will be available to students. The instructor can also confirm that you are listed on the course roster in Blackboard.

4. You have hidden the course
If you registered for the course and the instructor confirms that you appear on the course roster in Blackboard, then you might have inadvertently hidden the course so that it is not being displayed in the course list. To “unhide” the course,

A. Hover the mouse over the course list.BbCourseList1
B. Click the gear icon that appears in the upper right corner of the list.
C. Examine the course list to find the course. BbCourseList2
D. Check the box in the “Course Name” column (and other boxes, as desired).
E. Click Submit.

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