Why is my account locked out?

See the related question What if I am locked out of my account? After the obvious forgotten/expired password, the most common reason for a faculty/staff account being locked out is that the password was recently changed, but mobile devices that synchronize with Exchange email have not been updated, yet. The mobile devices repeatedly try to login with the old password, which fails. This looks like an attack on the account, and the account is locked out.

The solution is to configure a new password in the email settings on all devices as soon as possible after a password change. Simply entering the new password, if requested, while checking email might not change the configured password. Go into the email settings to configure a new password.

While mobile devices are the common reason, there are other places where your password might been entered. The password will need to be updated or removed in those places, as well.

  1. “Remembered” by a web browser for automatic login (not recommended)
  2. Automatic login for a “Network Location” or cloud folder
  3. Automatic login for a file management or folder synchronization app
  4. Stored in Windows Credential Manager or other password manager
  5. Apple MobileMe Contacts sync or other synchronization software
  6. Scheduled task that uses your credentials
  7. A mapped drive that connects with your credentials

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