A Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier used to identify the device connecting to a network. Concordia uses this address to register devices for our internet access. It may also be known as Wi-Fi address, Ethernet address, or hardware address.

Note: A device may have multiple MAC addresses - one for each network adapter (ethernet/wired, Wi-Fi, etc).

To find the MAC address of your device:


  1. Open Settings App.

  2. Select 'About phone.'

  3. Select 'Status.'

  4. Select Wi-Fi MAC address.


  1. Open Settings App.

  2. Select 'General.'

  3. Select 'About.'

  4. Wi-Fi address is near the bottom of this menu.

PC (Windows 10): 

  1. Click the Settings icon in the Windows menu on the bottom right corner.

  2. Select 'Network and Internet.' 

  3. Select Wi-Fi if you're looking for Wi-Fi address, Ethernet if it's a wired connection.

  4. Select a network to connect to (then select Hardware properties on a Wi-Fi connection).

  5. Physical address (MAC) is listed on the bottom of the window.


  1. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner.

  2. Select 'System Preferences.'

  3. Select 'Network.'

  4. Make sure you have your Wi-Fi selected on the left. Click Advanced in the bottom right corner. MAC address should be there.

For information on joining the CUNESecure Wi-Fi network, see How do I connect to the CUNESecure wireless network?