To successfully connect to the network you must register your device.

Once your device is registered you can connect to the CUNESecure network with the following information:

  1. Connect to CUNESecure

  2. Enter the username and password for the network (This is NOT your personal username and password):

    Username/Identity: concordia 
    Password: concordia

  3. Accept any security certificates if prompted

If that does not work please ensure that the following settings are correct if available:

  • EAP method: PEAP

  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2

  • CA certificate: "Do not validate" if available, otherwise "Use system certificates"

  • Online Certificate Status: Do not validate

  • Domain:

Troubleshooting Notes:

Additional Notes:

  • We recommend using the CUNESecure network.

  • The CUNE Guest network is intended for users not enrolled in or employed by Concordia University. It is intended for occasional visitors. Devices registered on the CUNE and CUNESecure will not connect to the Guest network.

  • University owned equipment must use the CUNESecure network. It will not work on the CUNE or CUNE Guest network.
  • A username and password are required to use enterprise-level encryption. This publicly shared username and password does not affect the security of the connection, and it doesn’t give access to anything other than a secure and encrypted connection.

  • If you have any problems connecting please let us know as we are having some abnormal issues with newer devices. Note that a select few devices are unable to connect with the encryption that is used on this network. If you have questions please ask!