These are the top reasons why a student is unable to log into Blackboard:

  1. You are not registered for a course.
    If you are a new student your information is possibly not yet added to Blackboard. After you register for a course your information and courses will be synchronized with Blackboard and you will be able to log in. Contact your adviser or program director to confirm that you are registered for a course.

  2. You registered for a course yesterday or today.
    It can take up to 24 hours for course information to be synchronized with Blackboard. Contact your adviser or program director to determine when you were registered for courses.

  3. You are entering your email address instead of your username.
    Make sure to use your username (firstname.lastname) and not your full email address ( to log in.

  4. You are entering an incorrect password.
    See our related article on how to reset your password.

If none of these above issues apply feel free to submit a ticket to us and we'll help you out.