Yes, within certain guidelines, such as your legal name has changed (e.g., marriage, adoption, witness protection) or you are known by a different form of your first name (e.g., Elizabeth is known as Liz). Names that cannot be used include nicknames (e.g., “Spike”) and titles or rank (e.g., Dr., Professor, Pastor, Sister, Captain, etc.).

Send a request for a change of email address name to from your email account. If there are no conflicts, the new email address will be set as the primary address for your account. The old address will remain as a secondary address so that you will continue to receive email from family, friends and faculty while you let everyone know of the change.

Normally, we will update the username at the same time as your email address (e.g., Elizabeth.Smith would change to Liz.Smith), and you would begin using your new username immediately. Unfortunately, we are unable to make a username change after a semester has started, because some things have already happened, based on your username. For example, all of your courses and assignments in Blackboard are connected to your username. Changing your username would lose access to those courses. If you send a reminder email to between semesters, we will complete the username update so that it matches your email address for the following semester.