Students, faculty and staff should normally change their password at the CUNE Accounts website (see How do I change or reset my password?).

After a faculty or staff member changes their password, they should follow the steps below to update the passwords in their keychain.

Make sure you are on campus and have a wired network connection before continuing.

  1. Log off your Mac
  2. Login with your new password
  3. You should receive a prompt, select “Update Keychain Password”
  4. Enter your old password in the box that pops up
  5. Once you are logged in you need to open Keychain Access
    1. Open a new finder window (click on the leftmost icon on the dock)
    2. Select “Applications” in the left pane
    3. Select “Utilities” at the bottom of the applications list
    4. Double click “Keychain Access”
  6. Select the “Login” keychain on the left, it should be unlocked
  7. There are a handful of passwords that will need to be updated, you should look for any of the following:
    1. Exchange
    2. fs1
    3. zeta
    4. PS1-printer name
  8. For any of the above entries do the following:
    1. Double click to open the entry
    2. Check the “Show Password” box
    3. Enter your new password in the box that pops up
    4. Select “Allow”
    5. Update the password that appears to your new password
    6. Select “Save Changes”

The Macintosh has now been updated to accept your new password.

If, after a restart or booting the computer, you have to enter your old password when signing in, then enter your new password, you will need to stop by our office with your laptop and we can fix this.