To add your email to your mobile device, navigate to your account settings and add a new account. When selecting the account type, make sure to select "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync" or "Exchange." Enter your email and set the Description as CUNE (or whatever helps you remember it as your work email). Do not configure manually; let it auto-discover/sign in automatically. 

You may need to authenticate with MFA during this process. If that is the case, make sure MFA is set up for your account. You can visit our article on setting up MFA for your account here: How to set up MFA for your Office 365 Account

For iOS devices, here's the step-by-step process:

  1. Tap Settings > Mail (or Passwords and Accounts) > Add account

  2. Select Exchange as the account type

  3. Enter your email address. You can enter CUNE or similar as the description, if you like.

  4. Click Sign In - NOT configure manually

  5. Enter your password; you may also be prompted for multi-factor authentication

  6. Choose what content to sync