These instructions are directly from an instructor and have not been tested by IT Services.

  1. Download, install, and run the free version of MakeMKV.

  2. Press the large blue DVD icon and wait until the app finishes scanning the disc.

  3. Select the output folder and press the “MakeMKV” icon to begin ripping. This process could take 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the available computing resources.

  4. Open the resulting video file with VLC Media Player.

  5. In the “Subtitle” menu, optionally select a language for subtitles.

  6. Sign in to Blackboard Collaborate online classroom (tested using the Chrome browser, others may not work).

  7. Go to Share Content -> Share Application/Screen. Three tabs will now appear:
    1. Your Entire Screen
    2. Application Window
    3. Chrome Tab

  8. Under “Your Entire Screen” select the screen and check the “Share audio” box. Press “Share.” Any resulting tunnel view will not be shared, so ignore it.

  9. Bring the VLC window to the foreground, and optionally maximize it so it fills the screen. This is what students will see.


  • Audio can only be shared when the entire screen or Chrome tab is selected; anything in an application window will be silent when shared.

  • For best results, silence the microphone in Collaborate, otherwise students might hear an echo when the video is playing.

  • Test this in advance to make sure the computer has enough memory to handle a large video file without slowing down or crashing VLC.