The Meeting Owl Pro is a tool for hybrid or virtual conferencing, suitable for small to medium settings such as a classroom or department meeting. Your administrative assistant should have an Owl available for department use.

When taking the Owl out of the case and removing the lens cap, be careful to keep the lens clean from fingerprints and dirt.  To use the Owl, simply plug in power and USB to your computer, and you should see the Owl appear as microphone, camera, and speaker devices on your computer that use can use as input/output for your meeting. 

The Owl has a 360 degree camera, which it displays at the top of the screen. Below it, a larger camera view follows audio, so if someone is talking near the Owl, the camera will follow them. It can split between two people if they're talking back and forth.

There is a Meeting Owl app which you can use to connect to the Owl via Bluetooth, which lets you configure the camera to toggle the 360 view and lets you choose whether the camera follows audio or provides a static shot.

Download the Meeting Owl app here:

Google Play Store 

App Store

You can find more documentation on the Meeting Owl at their support center website: