If you have already setup your MFA settings and wish to change them please follow the directions below.

  1. Go to aka.ms/mfasetup and sign in with your CUNE email, if prompted select 'Work or school account'.

  2. You will be brought to the 'Additional security verification' page, here you can add or remove MFA options as well as change your preferred option.

    Note 1: We do NOT support using the 'Office phone' option; don't use it. We HIGHLY recommend you use the 'Authenticator app' option, if possible.

    Note 2: If you plan to use our VPN for remote access you must choose either 'Authentication phone' with the preferred option set to 'Call my authentication phone' OR 'Authenticator app' with the preferred option set to 'Notify me through app'.

  3. After you have changed your MFA settings make sure to update your preferred option, then click Save.

  4.  When you click Save it will require you to verify any new MFA option using the selected method (call, text, notification, etc.) Once you have verified the device you are done!