Click the up arrow ^ in the bottom right corner of the screen on the taskbar - you should see a little green 'P' to indicate that Papercut is running. If it doesn't show up there then you will need to double click on the 'Papercut' shortcut on your desktop to launch the application.

If you don't see the shortcut on your desktop, either create a ticket here or give us a call and we'll get Papercut on your desktop for you.

Note: we are aware of a problem causing the Papercut app to not launch on computer startup with the new Dell laptops and are working on a solution.

If you do see the Papercut app, but Papercut isn't popping up or takes a long time to pop up when you go to print to an on-campus or Findme printer:

  1. Open the Start menu and select the Settings gear.

  2. Once the Settings window is open select ‘Devices’.

  3. Select ‘Printers & Scanners’ on the left.

  4. Select any printer that is a ‘FindMe’ printer OR is has ‘mfd’ in the name, then select ‘Manage’.

  5. On the manage page select ‘Printing Preferences.

  6. In the preferences window select the ‘Others’ tab, then uncheck the ‘SNMP Communication’ box.

  7. Click ‘OK’ then repeat steps 4-7 with any other ‘FindMe’ or ‘mfd’ you have in your list.