Welcome to Concordia’s Helpdesk powered by Freshservice.

This user guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the self service portal. You can refer to solutions articles to solve problems you face and (if still required), raise a service ticket for your service desk to resolve. Here’s how to get started.

Logging into Helpdesk

Access the Helpdesk self-service portal here: https://helpdesk.cune.edu/

If you're an employee, you can login with your Office 365 account. Once you login, you will have access to your service desk’s knowledge base and announcements. You don’t have to login to submit tickets, but doing so unlocks additional features.

Students are unable to login to the system at this time.

Self-Help Solution Articles

You can solve many problems on your own by using solution articles saved in the knowledge base. A link to the full knowledge base is right on the home page, but you can also use the search bar to find solutions for specific issues.

You can also rate the articles to let us know if the article was helpful or not.

Suggested Solutions

Freshservice searches for suggested solutions as you’re creating a new ticket. This may help you find relevant solutions and solve the issue before you even submit the ticket.

Raising a New Ticket

Click on the New Ticket or Report an Incident buttons to access the ticket submission form.

Tracking your Tickets

If you’re logged in, you can check in on your tickets. When you click on the Tickets tab, you get a list of your tickets. By default, this list shows your open and pending tickets, but you can change the filter to show the resolved and closed tickets or all your tickets.

You can also sort your tickets based on:

  • Date Created
  • Last Modified
  • Status (default)
  • Ascending order
  • Descending order

From this list, click on the ticket you want to track. This opens the detailed view for the ticket that provides information like the current status and any conversation that has happened on the ticket so far.

On the detailed view you can post a reply, mark the ticket as closed, or even add people to be notified about future activity on the ticket.

Exporting Tickets

Freshservice lets you export your tickets in CSV or XLS format, should you need a detailed copy of them. You can choose (tickets created in) a specific time period and specific fields to be exported.

To export tickets, go to the Tickets tab and click on Export tickets.

Then select the file format, the time period and the fields you need to export.

Raising a Service Request

The Service Catalog displays services that you as an employee can request. Service Requests capture extra information that we will need depending on the type of request. This helps us help you - faster.

To create a new service request,

Login to the end user portal and click on either Service Catalog or Request New Service.

From the list of services click on the one that you want to request. You can even search for it directly.

This takes you to the checkout page that provides more details about the service and may ask you for specific information related to the request.

If you’re placing the request on someone else’s behalf, enter their email address and then click on Place Request.

This creates a Service Request automatically. You can keep track of it from the Tickets tab


IT Services may need to update/alert you about upcoming events like server maintenance, outages, etc. They can do this by posting an announcement on the Freshservice portal.

Announcements are displayed on the Home tab. You can view them even if you’re not logged in.

Give Us Your Feedback

We want to know how we’re doing, so please give us your feedback. You’ll often get a request for feedback after your ticket is resolved. We want to know how we did - even if it’s bad - so we can make it right.

You can also give us feedback on knowledge base articles with a thumbs up or down. This helps us continually improve how we serve you.